Monday, June 3, 2013

Cards using Tria Markers

I have finally caught on the colouring stamps craze thanks to Tria Markers. I first got a few from a DT pack from Scrap Everything. At first I was 'OH NO' til I had a better look and went 'WOW'

First and a big thing for me, they don't smell of alcohol. I don't mind a drink (or 2) but to smell it while colouring no thanks. 2nd was that each marker has 3 points, very thin, medium and thick. 3rd and lastly you don't need to buy every shade in a certain colour as the marker can go over the colour to make it darker!!!! So if you used a blue and want to make some areas darker you use the marker and colour in what you want. The money you can save!!!!

So here are 2  cards I made. Please remember that this is my only 3rd and 4th time at this so shading  might not be best.

And a close up:

The markers I used are: C719, XB, R327, BL, R354, O345, O729, R465, G126

The next card is

Close up:

And I used these markers: R465, V546, V564, Y337, O527, O729, C847, O345, O527, G136, G935 and B546.

For the background I sprayed mist on a spare paper ad picked up the colour using a water brush.

For all you Tria markers see Scrap Everything. And while your thee have a look around their fab shop

Thanks for looking

Belinda :)

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