Saturday, November 5, 2011

OTP Tractor

Hello everyone :)

Its a new month and its harvest time. Its has been busy in between showers of rain but hopefully the rain has stopped, or that might be wishful thinking lol

Have not been able to get much done lately with all that's been happening in our household but I did do an OTP item that my oldest daughter choose as a birthday gift. After much thinking of if In had time (and did I really want to do it) I brought it.

To my surprise I loved making it and have ordered more to do.

Sorry there is no close up as I have already gave the gift away and forgot about taking more photos.

I painted the tractor green (my daughter wanted a John Deere), and the carriages blue and red, all on the inside. I then selected paper ( from the farm range and Madam Boutique from Kasiercaft) traced around the shapes, distressed the edges, inked them and stuck down. I used Spellbinders dies for the wheels. I spent what felt like hrs on the window, getting the look just right on white card, then traced that onto paper. I then used the die cuts from the farm range and stuck on. (there are sooooo many great dies and any would have been great)

It would take someone without small kids a good 4-5hrs in one hit (It took me 3 days as I could only do a bit at night), more if you do more layers with paint.

All this products come from Scrapbooking in Geraldton.



  1. I really love your tractor... I have ordered some more now as I want to make one!

  2. love the train!
    Have a very magical and creative twenty12.

  3. Hi Belinda, I have loved looking around your blog and indeed the tractor is delightful, Tiff :):):)


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